Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia acknowledges genocide of Ossetians

Грузия признает геноцид осетин

IA Regnum’s chief editors for the Caucasus and the Federation continue to receive unprecedented numbers of reports from people who became victims of the war in South Ossetia. The majority of reports handed in concern the events which took place in Tskhinvali from August 7th through 10th. Shocking stories have emerged from eyewitnesses and those who participated in the Ossetian struggle for the right to live on their own land, of what the Georgian armed forces did during the period of their control over the city and dozens of villages in South Ossetia. According to the policies of this news agency, these stories cannot be published in detail, even though the agency has already released a number of articles covering the Ossetian genocide with reference to eyewitnesses. Many of them do not want to reveal their names, as they are afraid of reprisals.

The tragic events in South Ossetia were notably mentioned by Temur Iakobashvili, Georgian State Minister for Reintegration, during his address to the Abkhazian people in which he warned them not to get mixed up in the war. Here are his very words: “…The situation in South Ossetia should serve as an example, as many lives have been lost there, and you wouldn’t want to see your own young people die.” The full statement can be read in an August 10th IA Regnum news release. Thus, Iakobashvili, who suddenly now finds himself occupied with the task of resolving the territorial and interethnic conflicts in Georgia, directly acknowledges the annihilation of one young people—Ossetian—and is warning another young people—Abkhazian—that the same fate may be dealt to them.

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