Saturday, August 23, 2008

Georgian Parliament extends state of war until September 8

Парламент Грузии продлил военное положение до 8 сентября

The Parliament of Georgia today, August 23, during a special session extended the state of war in the country for another 15 days--until September 8, reports an IA Regnum correspondent. The general consensus among the MPs is that the state of war should be in effect until Russian forces pullback to their previous positions.

The state of war was put into effect in Georgia on August 9, originally intended to last 15 days (until August 24), as a result of fighting on its territory. The parliament says Russia's actions amount to "armed aggression" and "the occupation of territories." The MPs don't exclude the possibility that the state of war could be further extended, noting that it all depends on Russia's next steps.

IA Regnum

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