Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Rukhi, release of captured Georgian soldiers awaited

სოფელ რუხში რუსების მიერ დაკავებული ქართველი ჯარისკაცების გათავისუფლებას ელოდებიან

Residents of the village of Rukhi in the Zugdidi region [near Abkhazia] are waiting for the release of Georgian soldiers captured by Russian forces near the Enguri Bridge. According to an "Interpressnews" correspondent, they were to have been released today at 10:00. However, more than an hour later, local authorities are still waiting for their release.

The soldiers have not yet been brought to Rukhi, but according to official sources, it is only a matter of time and they will definitely free them today.

22 Georgian soldiers were captured by Russian occupiers at the port in Poti 10 days ago and they were transfered to the Senaki military base. Later, 12 of them were released. The rest, however, were held prisoner by the Russians in the village of Urta and then the Gali district.

Interpressnews [Georgian news agency]

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