Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kokoity: "Not all Georgians infected with nationalism and fascism"

Кокойты: "Не весь грузинский народ заражен национализмом и фашизмом"

The recognition of the independence of South Ossetia has been supported by many ordinary and sound-minded Georgians in Georgia itself and in Russia. The statement was made by South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity at a press conference in the international press center "Tskhinvali - 2008." As an IA Regnum correspondent reports, Kokoity made it clear that his speech was not about the Georgian authorities.

"Georgia's reaction absolutely does not interest me; the reaction of the Georgian people interests me. After the President of Russia signed the decree recognizing the Republic of South Ossetia, many Georgians from Georgia and Russia called me with words of thanks and congratulations. This speaks to the truth that not all Georgians are infected with nationalism and fascism, not all Georgians support the irresponsible politics which the Georgian leadership has been conducting, which could drag the international community and the US into a very serious stalemate if they don't change their present course," said the president. He expressed his condolences for the families and those close to the soldiers and officers "who carried out the orders of the criminal leadership of Georgia and were killed here in street battles in Tskhinvali." "The Georgian leadership is responsible, as are those who support Georgia, who armed Georgia, and who trained these soldiers to kill. Georgia should realize its tragic mistakes, for the sake of its own people and for its own sovereignty," noted Kokoity.

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