Sunday, August 31, 2008

Putin: On South Ossetia, truth is on our side

Путин: правда в ситуации вокруг Южной Осетии на нашей стороне

The truth of the situation in South Ossetia is on Russia's side, and Russia is acting within the framework of moral and international laws, stated Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Regarding the tense international situation that has resulted from this problem, he recognized that there was "a lot of emotion." However, "we have not yet seen any practical steps being made which might speak or testify to a cooling of the situation." "I hope that this won't be the case, but in any case, the truth is on our side," stated the Prime Minister.

"We are behaving absolutely morally and within the framework of existing international laws," he continued, "Therefore, if someone from Europe wants to man the guns of someone else's foreign policy interests, please, we can't insist enough." "But I think that, as they say in these situations, charity begins at home, and I think even this rough principle will guide us, and above all, our European partners," emphasized Putin.

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