Friday, August 8, 2008

Russian armies advance in South Ossetia -- Georgian forces retreat in all directions

Российские войска двинулись в сторону Южной Осетии - грузинские силы отступают по всем направлениям

Divisions of the Russian army together with Ossetian guardsmen are advancing within South Ossetia. According to our sources in the battle zone, "Zar road has been cleared," reports an IA Regnum correspondent. Fighting is taking place in the region of the settlement of Kvaisa. For now, Russian military aircraft control the airspace over Tskhinvali. Georgian militants are retreating in all directions. Georgian tanks are burning in the streets of Tskhinvali, and according to those fighting in Tskhinvali, the city has not been taken.


IA Regnum

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