Saturday, August 16, 2008

49 Georgian soldiers buried in South Ossetia

В Южной Осетии похоронены сорок девять грузинских военных

Forty-nine Georgian soldiers, whose bodies were found in the capital of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali, and in surrounding areas, were buried in a communal grave in a suburb of the city. Each body was placed in a coffin. ITAR-TASS was informed of the burial by the South Ossetian General Public Prosecutor Eduard Kokoev. According to Kokoev, the Georgians never made any requests for the transfer of the bodies of victims.

"We realize that sooner or later, the question will come up, and we have identified those that had ID on them. Such a list is available," said Kokoev. Authorities of the republic are not afraid that the burial site might be defiled. "We aren't at war with the dead. If the people had such feelings, then they (the victims) wouldn't have been placed in coffins," stated the public prosecutor. The Office of the Public Prosecutor wouldn't be surprised if many more bodies of Georgian soldiers, which should also be buried, were found in the mountains near Tskhinvali.

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