Saturday, August 16, 2008

400-kg bomb discoverd near Kotsakhuri bridge

კოწახურას ხიდთან 400 კგ-მდე ტროტილია აღმოჩენილი

Approximately 400 kilograms of explosives were discovered on the Kotsakhuri bridge on one of the main sections of the Kaspi-Metekhi railway. Railway employees saw the explosive device.

13 full chests of explosives were found on the section of the railway--11 located under the bridge, and two on top. Georgian Security Council Secretary Alexander "Kakha" Lomaia was at the scene. Work will soon begin to defuse the bomb. The Russian occupational army has already blown up one bridge in the Kaspi region while withdrawing. These diversionary-terrorist acts have cut railway links between East and West Georgia and links with navy ports. The evacuation of refugees from territories occupied by the Russian army to safe areas also depended on this route.

Interpressnews [Georgian news agency]

[Note: Russians counter report, read here]

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