Thursday, August 7, 2008

Georgia sends in tanks to capture Tskhinvali, Ossetia hangs on, Abkhazia hurries to help

Грузия бросила танки на захват Цхинвала, Осетия держится, Абхазия спешит на помощь

Georgia has deployed tanks to capture the South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali. According to South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity, the tanks launched their assault at around half past two. Kokoity is certain that Georgian forces cannot overtake the city as they will meet fierce resistance. Meanwhile, the Parliament of South Ossetia has asked Russia to intervene in the situation and help the citizens of South Ossetia fend of the Georgian army.

At the same time, reports an IA Regnum correspondent, President Kokoity has held telephone conversations with his Abkhazian counterpart Sergei Bagapsh. Kokoity last heard from Bagapsh that he had ordered the eastern divisions of the Abkhazian army to proceed to the Georgian border. In addition, the Abkhazians have deployed infantry divisions, tanks, and rocket artillery systems. The decision was made after a special session of the Council of Abkhazia.

Security Council Secretary Stanislav Lakoba told our correspondent that there is no word yet concerning the centrally controlled volunteer divisions. "We are simply meeting our obligations as described in our pact with the Republic of South Ossetia concerning military cooperation," he stated, adding that the Abkhazian Armed Forces have been placed on high alert and that the border with Georgia was under tighter security. "From a neighbor like this, we can expect anything and everything. We are obliged to look out for our own safety."

IA Regnum

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