Thursday, August 7, 2008

Georgian tanks enter Tskhinvali

Грузинские танки идут в Цхинвал

Georgia has begun to attack the southern suburbs of Tskhinvali with tanks, says President of South ossetia Eduard Kokoity to reporters over the phone. "The Georgian infantry came in a storm, in 3 minutes. They've silenced our radio communications. Our men here and there have tried to request support, but our radios have been silenced," reports IA Regnum's source in Tskhinvali. Fighting is fierce.

The Russian peacekeeping forces have been put on high alert, reports Marat Kulakhmetov, commanding officer of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict.

It's worth noting that on August 8th, the date marking the beginning of the Olympics in Beijing, Mikhail Saakashvili has launched a military operation for the restoration of "constitutional order" in Tskhinvali.

IA Regnum

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