Monday, August 25, 2008

Georgian army concentrating forces near Kodori Gorge

Грузинские войска концентрируются в направлении Кодорского ущелья

The Georgian army is concentrating forces near the Kodori Gorge. The statement was made by Deputy Minister of Defense of Abkhazia Anatoliy Zaitsev. According to him, there eight thousand men have already gathered.

More precisely, there are two groups, consisting of six and two thousand persons. Zaitsev noted that Abkhazia was prepared to face any possible aggression. At the same time he said that the armed forces would not be reinforced in accordance with the ceasefire. Zaitsev believes that this most recent activity is a result of Georgia's desire to seek revenge. "Georgia has unequivocally declared that it will not accept defeat and will do all it can to regain its lost positions," he emphasized. Anatoliy Zaitsev did not give the date of a possibly military strike, repeating that Abkhazia was fully prepared to fend them off.

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