Monday, August 25, 2008

South Ossetia: We did not violate territorial integrity of Georgia

Южная Осетия: Мы не нарушали территориальной целостности Грузии

South Ossetia has never violated the territorial integrity of Georgia, stated South Ossetian Minister of Foreign Affairs Murat Jioev at an international press conference in the South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali. As an IA Regnum correspondent reports, Jioev noted that in its struggle for independence, South Ossetia has always adhered to international standards.

"In the breakup of the Soviet Union, many new states were created, including the Republic of South Ossetia, and it is not any fault of South Ossetia that this was the case. From the very beginning, we have put the facts before us and have had to find political and legal substantiations of our independence. I assure you that during all these years, we have never once done anything in violation of international law. However, Georgia has only responded to our legal actions with aggression and infringements on our rights," noted the minister. He also reminded reporters that in 1990 Georgian authorities repealed all legislation which had been passed during the Soviet Union, "that is, they abolished the entire legislative record by which South Ossetia had been included in the Georgian SSR." Jioev noted that on February 19, 1992 a referendum was held in which 99% of voters favored the independence of South Ossetia and that on May 19, 1992 South Ossetia declared its independence. "Let me be clear: we have not violated the territorial integrity of the Georgian State, as Georgia itself repealed all legislation by which South Ossetia was included in the Georgian SSR. And during the period of the independent Georgian state between 1918-1922, South Ossetia was not part of Georgia," asserted the minister.

IA Regnum

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