Thursday, August 14, 2008

The last two days: Tskhinvali soldier's blog

Последние два дня

The latest post from rupor_naroda's blog. I can't guarantee that it is authentic, but most Russian readers agree it is.

"Yesterday I left Tskhinvali and arrived late in Vladikavkaz at 22:00. I was looking for a place to stay for a long time, all the hotels are crammed full with journalists and employees of the Ministry for Emergency Situations. By midnight I was able to find accomodation at the Hotel Pushkin. It cost 1200 rubles [~$50], even though it was in the basement of the hotel, and the level of comfort was definitely not worth this amount. On the way, I saw a camp for refugees, or more accurately, for forced migrants. Only this morning did the difference become clear to me. A migrant is a citizen of Russia, and a refugee is not. There are many people in the camps. I saw my mother and sister, they are staying with relatives of a friend of the family. This morning I flew out of Beslan. Now I'm in Moscow and am preparing for tomorrow!!!!!"

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