Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Peacekeepers report that the fighting has ceased in South Ossetia

Миротворцы сообщают о завершении боя в Южной Осетии

Commander of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone and Major General of the Russian Army Marat Kulakhmetov stated that the fighting near the village of Nuli, located in the conflict zone, has stopped.

Earlier, Irina Gagloeva, official representative of the government of South Ossetia, reported that fighting was underway in the village of Nuli, in which South Ossetian units were trying to force out the Georgian Special Forces numbering 100 persons from the heights.

“For now, both sides have stopped shooting. The situation is now being handled by the peacekeepers,” stated Kulakhmetov to “Interfax.”

Citing Irina Gogloeva, head of the South Ossetian Press and Information Committee, RIA “Novosti” is reporting that the South Ossetian units have just about completely forced out the Georgian forces from the heights.

“Our units have forced out the Georgian side from the Nuli heights, and for the time being, we have neutralized the Georgian firing positions,” said Gagloeva.

It is expected that an official statement from Tbilisi will be made shortly.

Aide to the commander of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces Vladimir Ivanov confirmed that large-scale fire broke out between the Georgian and Russian sides near the villages of Avnevi and Khetagurov, according to “”

“At 16:30, intense fire, involving the use of small arms and grenade launchers, began between the Georgian and Ossetian sides in an area between the villages of Avnevi and Khetagurov,” he said.

“At approximately 16:00, illegal Georgian posts in the village of Avnevi used grenade launchers and small arms to fire upon the village of Khetagurov,” reported the news agency “Res” at a press conference called by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Affairs of Civil Defense, Emergency Situations and Disaster Relief (EMERCOM).

--Caucasian Knot, August 6, 2008

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