Friday, August 15, 2008

Russian President on Georgian-Ossetian conflict: "It's important that no one has any more idiotic ideas"

Президент России о грузино-осетинском конфликте: "Важно, чтобы никому в голову больше идиотских идей не приходило"

Russian peacekeepers remain guarantors of security in the Caucasus. The statement was made on August 15th at a press conference after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Sochi.

"Unfortunately, things are still very complicated, nevertheless we have agreed with President of France Nicolas Sarkozy on the points [of the peace plan] and we consider them to be necessary and sufficient for the resolution of the problems. Now it's Georgia's turn," stated Medvedev, expressing hope that the points will be accepted and will begin to be implemented in the near future.

The Russian leader said that Russia expects an objective evaluation from the international community of the events which took place in South Ossetia. "Even more importantl is comprehensive support for the victims," added the Russian President. According to Medvedev, it is necessary to provide adequate security, medical aid, and the restoration of utilities. "It's necessary, in order to restore and guarantee peace in the region, that no one has any more idiotic ideas. It is the primary objective of Russia today. We will continue to discuss various question, but the beginning has been agreed upon." stated Medvedev

IA Regnum [Russian news agency]

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