Friday, August 15, 2008

Gori: Bombing of city has left 100 civilians dead

გორში დარჩენილი მოსახლეობის ინფორმაციით, ქალაქის დაბომბვისას მშვიდობიანი მოსახლეობიდან, დაახლოებით, 100 ადამიანი დაიღუპა

According to Gori residents still there, as a result of the bombings on their city, approximately 100 people have perished.

As "Interpressnews" reporters on the ground, Jambuli Kamushadze and Aleksandre Giunashvili, tell us, 100 people have died. According to them, among the dead is surgeon Gia Guligashvili, who came to the city during the bombing to volunteer his services. In addition, the center of the city has been looted of all goods. Those on the scene say that on the whole, Chechen and Ossetian soldiers were busy pillaging; the Russian forces were busy looting Georgian military bases.

Above all, shops and homes located in the center of Gori and in the Tsminda Tsklis ["holy water"] region have been looted.

Interpressnews [Georgian news agency]

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