Sunday, August 17, 2008

South Ossetian government dissolved

Правительство Южной Осетии отправлено в отставку

South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity has dissolved the government of South Ossetia. The story was broken by news channel "Vesti." The president stated that he had signed a number of decrees, including a declaration of a state of emergency.

Last night, Kokoity criticized the South Ossetian ministers, blaming them for negligence. He harshly criticized the government for delaying the delivery of humanitarian aid and for inefficiency. According to Kokoity, the current paralyzed state of the government and its inability to provide any services has forced him to "take very drastic measures." The government should work in unison with those forces which are operating in the republic, emphasized Kokoity, expressing his confidence that the new government would work effectively. "I want to create a government without intrigues; an official should work for the people, and not for his personal interests," concluded the head of South Ossetia.

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