Sunday, August 17, 2008

Russian Ministry of Defense: Georgians preparing to create provocations in Gori with help of Ukrainian nationalists and Chechen terrorists

Грузинская сторона готовит провокации в Гори с помощью украинских националистов и чеченских террористов: Минобороны РФ

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Georgia is preparing to create large-scale provocations in the city of Gori. A representative of the defense ministry is saying that according to intelligence given by Russian peacekeepers, which was gathered from radio intercepts, Ukrainian Nationalists from the UNA-UNSD and Chechen terrorists, currently in Georgia, are gathering on the outskirts of Gori.

According to the representative, they are planning to don Russian uniforms and set Gori on fire, where these bandits will be busy pillaging and taunting the local residents, and television cameras will be there to record it all, and then it will be broadcast to the world as "atrocities of the Russian forces." The headquarters of the Russian peacekeeping forces have already notified authorities of the city of the provocations. The Ministry of Defense made it clear that Russian peacekeepers are in their positions, and that none of them have entered the city.

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