Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tskhinvali residents continue to experience shortage of potable water

Жители Цхинвала продолжают испытывать нехватку питьевой воды

In the South Ossetian capital there are still problems with providing potable water. People can be seen lining up outside shops--the ones which are open--to buy mineral water, reports an IA Regnum correspondent on August 21. Meanwhile, residents are not able to obtain water because of the shortage. Most grocery stores are still closed and those few which are functioning offer a very poor assortment of goods and virtually all the shelves are bare. Pharmacies are experiencing a similar situation.

Efforts are underway in the city to restore power lines. Virtually all parts of the city have power now. The streets have been cleared and sanitation crews continue to clean the city.

Due to a scheduled performance by the Mariinsky Theater Symphonic Orchestra in front of the main government building, South Ossetian authorities have decided to lift the curfew, currently in effect from 21:00 to 08:00.

IA Regnum

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