Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Sue Saakashvili": National rally begins in Abkhazian capital

"Саакашвили - под суд": в столице Абхазии начинается всенародный сход

The national rally hasn't begun yet [published 12:19 Moscow], but Freedom Square in Sokhumi is already overflowing with people. They will ask Russia to recognize the independence of the republic. As an IA Regnum correspondent reports, people from all cities and regions of Abkhazia are gathering in the center of Sokhumi. Because of the huge crowds, traffic is at a standstill and it is difficult to get around.

Participants of the rally are holding Abkhazian, Ossetian, and Russian flags. They are also holding up signs reading "Abkhazians and Alans--brothers," "Russian peacekeepers are guarantors of security," "Sue Saakashvili," "The Agressor will be punished," "The Republic of Abkhazia is a sovereign and independent state."

IA Regnum

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