Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Expert: US intervention in South Ossetian conflict would mark the beginning of World War III

Эксперт: Вступление США в конфликт вокруг Южной Осетии стало бы началом третьей мировой войны

US intervention in the conflict surrounding South Ossetia would turn into a nuclear standoff. The comment was made by political scientist Alexander Dugin, leader of the International Eurasian Movement, during a live broadcast on O2TV in response to a question about the possibility of US intervention.

"In reality, it would be the beginning of World War III, a nuclear standoff, over these countries--Georgia, Ossetia, and Abkhazia--which America has no need of. They are very minor, peripheral, energy resource-deprived, and, as a matter of fact, they weren't planning on fighting for the sake of this swamp, these backwoods. Moreover, they recognize Russia as a regional power and want to give it to us in the nose in order to demonstrate that we're dung, and not a regional power, but in doing so, they are officially recognizing us. And they wouldn't stop to enter into World War III just to show that we are a "regional power, but not a very strong one, a sovereign country, but not quite." So, all of it was a bluff. They could try to threaten us, but in reality they haven't done anything. This hasn't happened yet because they depend on us in Afghanistan, you see; if we were to block deliveries of arms and equipment through the corridor, which only we control, then the situation would blow up. So even if the Americans were crazy, and they are not crazy, they wouldn't begin World War III. That is why in this respect, we are only at war with Saakashvili and the technical means which were already there. And other matters we'll deal with as they appear..." said Dugin.

Alexander Dugin noted that "during the conflict, military equipment from the US was brought there through Turkey and Ukraine. It's been proven beyond doubt, and we have the proof." "It's all been recorded, documented," he added.

"America is a rational country, and it can't show that it is handing over Saakashvili, even though they have supported him and stood by his side during this crime, expecting that Russia won't respond... But the most important and basic thing to remember is that a third world war and America's participation in this conflict was excluded from the very beginning, and our strategists knew it," stated Dugin.

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