Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Peacekeepers bring down two Georgian drones in 24-hour period

Миротворцы сбили два грузинских беспилотника за сутки

Russian peacekeepers brought down a Georgian reconnaissance drone over Tskhinvali on August 13 -- the second in a 24-hour period, reported an official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense. "Despite assurances from the Georgian side that there was a cessation to all military activities, on Wednesday, a Georgian drone conducting surveillance was discovered over Tskhinvali. Russian peacekeepers discovered the reconnaissance plane and brought it down." Earlier, Igor Konashenkov, assistant commander of the Russian Ground Forces, reported to RTR that a Georgian drone was brought down last night at around 23:25. "This apparatus tried to conduct air surveillance to determine the location of peacekeeping divisions and to determine the strength of these divisions," said Konashenkov.

He promised that "in the case of another Georgian drone being spotted, it will be brought down."

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