Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ukrainian nationalists assert that Russia will attack Crimea in October

Украинские националисты утверждают, что Россия нападет на Крым уже в октябре

"An independent Ukraine -- an idea that the current political elite of the Kremlin can't accept." The statement was made today, August 13th, by Nikolai Karpyuk, head of the Ukrainian National Assembly, reports an IA Regnum correspondent in Kiev.

"We are pleased that the international community has reacted so quickly to the Russian aggression against Georgia. We are also pleased by the position of our president. It was precise, concrete, and strong-willed," he noted. Karpyuk emphasized: "Everyone very well understands that George was first. And next will be Crimea. The information, which comes from official Russian bodies and the news media, says that Crimea is next."

"The Russians claim that in October of this year, events similar to what took place in Ossetia will take place in Crimea. This information is already fact. People are preparing for the attack," asserts the head of the UNA. "We're pleased that today the government is working to increase forces in Crimea. Just Ukrainians, patriots, are going there. We also have our own installations in Crimea. Since last Friday, we have been receiving calls from all corners of Ukraine. Approximately 10,000 of our compatriots are ready to go to war with Russia," emphasized Karpyuk. He noted that in order to stabilize the situation in Crimea, "it is necessary to move all of our Hutsuls there."

IA Regnum

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