Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Occupying Russian army tightens security in Gori

გორში რუსეთის საოკუპაციო ჯარმა დაცვა გაამკაცრა

In Gori, the Russian occupational army has tightened its grip. Representatives of the government found it rather difficult to pass through villages near Gori today. As news channel "Rustavi-2" reports, not even Georgian Security Council Secretary Alexander "Kakha" Lomaia, who was trying to deliver aid to residents, could enter the nearby village of Karaleti.

"Three days ago we were in this village. Russia swore then before the international community that it would begin withdrawing the next day; however, as we can see, its grip has only tightened. Today, only one government vehicle managed to enter Karaleti," remarked Lomaia.

Just today, Russian soldiers detained a "Human Rights Watch" humanitarian mission near the entrance to Gori. American journalists were among them. On their way from Gori to Igoeti, a PACE delegation led by MP Matyas Eorsi was stopped and prevented from continuing on its way.

Interpressnews [Georgian news agency]

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