Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Russian occupying army relocating to Gori

რუსული საოკუპაციო ჯარები ქალაქ გორში გადაადგილდებიან

The influx of new Russian occupying forces into Gori has stopped. "Interpressnews" was informed of the development by Shida Kartli's police chief Davit Tabutsadze.

According to Tabutsadze, the Russian army returned to Gori by armored vehicles just a short while ago. "There is no new influx. They are relocating to the center of the city. It's difficult to say just how many pieces of military equipment the Russians have brought in. We can only see a few armored vehicles in the entrance to the city," said Tabutsadze.

A unit of the Russian occupational army left Gori today--only to return in the evening.

Interpressnews [Georgian news agency]

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