Wednesday, August 20, 2008

State of Emergency could be extended in Georgia

В Грузии, возможно, будет продлено чрезвычайное положение

The 15-day state of emergency in Georgia, set to expire on August 22nd, could be extended.

As Shota Malashkhia, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Issues on Restoration of Territorial Integrity, stated, considering that Georgia is dealing with a "schizophrenic country," it is impossible to determine Russia's next step, and the decision [to extend the state of emergency] will be made the day it expires. As Malashkhia noted, "the Russians don't plan to withdraw their armies from Georgia, since they intend to stay in the country." "Even though the international community is telling them not to behave like this, they can't comprehend," stated Malashkhia. As a result of the military activities in Georgia on August 8th, a 15-day state of emergency was put into effect, and it will expire on August 22nd.

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