Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Political Scientist: Outcome of EU Summit creates possibility for renewed Georgian aggression

Политолог: итоги саммита ЕС создают возможность для повторения грузинской агрессии

The fact that there was no mention of Georgian aggression in a resolution passed by yesterday's emergency EU Summit creates the possibility for a recurrence of what has happened. The opinion was expressed by Gleb Pavlovsky, president of the Effective Policy Fund, at a round table discussion in Moscow on September 2, reports an IA Regnum correspondent.

According to the political scientist, the outcome of the recent EU summit is double-edged. "On the one hand, Europe has managed to avoid absolute American dictatorship. Poland and the Baltic States couldn't impose their own position on the EU and have temporarily receded. On the other hand, nowhere was Georgia's aggression mentioned. All the world can see that this paves the way for a replay of events," notes Pavlovsky.

Pavlovsky believes that Russia should draw all possible conclusions from what has happened, including military conclusions. "Europe's request for Russia to withdraw Russian armies from the security zone on Georgian territory would create a real risk for a recurrence," the expert asserts.

"We have made greater concessions to Europe. In fact, it was only the request of President Sarkozy that prevented the real outcome of operation 'Enforced Peace'--the arrest of Saakashvili as the main perpetrator of the war. This was a serious compromise which we now regret," believes Gleb Pavlovsky.

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