Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sukhumi and Moscow to sign agreement on Russian bases in Abkhazia after two weeks

Сухум и Москва подпишут договор о российских базах в Абхазии через две недели

Sukhumi and Moscow plan to sign an agreement in two weeks on the establishment of a Russian military base on Abkhazian territory. The statement was made by Abkhazian President Sergey Bagapsh at a press conference, reports an IA Regnum correspondent. According to Bagapsh, the Abkhazian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently drawing up the documents. The President of Abkhazia assigned responsibility for events in the Caucasus to those Western countries which armed Georgia.


According to this RIA Novosti story (in English), Abkhazia does not plan to establish Russian military bases as previously reported.

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