Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Russian MFA disturbed by activity of Georgian forces on South Ossetian border

МИД РФ обеспокоен активностью грузинских силовиков на границе с Южной Осетией

The Russian General Staff is describing conditions in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone as relatively calm; however, it is impossible to say the same for the situation in South Ossetia. The statement was made today, September 2, at a Moscow briefing by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative Andrei Nesterenko. He noted that activity had been observed among the Georgian forces and that the command of the Georgian Armed Forces continues to restore the fighting capacity of its divisions.

Based on reports from troops on the ground, Nesterenko spoke of an incident last night that took place not far from a peacekeeping post in the Karaleti region. As Nesterenko explained, Georgian forces carried out provocative actions directed against the Russian peacekeepers. He assumed that the incident was specially organized. The representative believes that such actions do not help to stabilize the situation in the region.

Nesterenko also commented on the escalating situation regarding a fleet of NATO war ships off the coast of Georgia. Three of the vessels are American, and one each belong to Poland, Spain, and Germany. He reminded journalists that, according to an international agreement, only three Black Sea NATO countries--Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria--have the right to deploy as many ships as they wish to other Black Sea nations, as they are coastal states.

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