Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12th [Tskhinvali soldier's blog]

The most recent post from rupor_naroda's blog. Again, some details are graphic.

12 августа

Today we were on a clean-up operation in the village of Taramasheni. The Georgians were in such a bad mood while fleeing that some of them left behind their elderly and children because they were a burden on the road.

Today the situation is already normal, we control practically everything. It's necessary to carefully examine every village, and every basement and attic in the city.

We went to the former Russian peacekeeping forces base today. It's surrounded by corpses, the air is impregnated by the smell of decay, the roadside is lined with burned tanks and BMPs [infantry fighting vehicle].

[Note: It's impossible to tell whether or not this blog is authentic, but the majority of his Russian readers seem to think it is.]

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