Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Political Scientist: Ukrainian MFA possibly busy with preparations to declare war against Russia

МИД Украины вовсю занят подготовкой к объявлению войны против России: политолог

"The position of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Caucasian conflict is absolutely clear. It was planned." Mikhail Porgebinsky, director of the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict Studies, made the statement today, August 12th, at a press conference, reports an IA Regnum correspondent in Kiev.

"The Baltic States along with Poland and the President of Ukraine are trying to declare their own position regarding their friendship with President Saakashvili. However, they haven't said one word about the destruction of thousands of people in South Ossetia," said Porgebinsky.

He noted: "I think now the Ukrainian authorities live in a different world from the Ukrainian people. They are creating their own program. In fact, the president has approval ratings of just 5%. And if we were to check the ratings of the Ukrainian MFA, it would probably be negative. And yet these people are making decisions."

"The statement from the Ukrainian MFA about not letting the Russian Black Sea Fleet return to Sevastopol is a sign of preparations to declare war on Russia," stated the expert.

IA Regnum

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I would like to thank you for you translations. Being able to understand both Russian and English I see a big difference in presenting the information in Russian and English-speaking sites, TV, newspapers. It takes me a lot of efforts for me to "find the truth". I can understand that for only Russian-speaking or only English-speaking people a lot of information is not accessible and people base their opinions on the one side messages. I want to thank you for providing the English-speaking auditory with the possibility to look at the event from the other point of view.

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