Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ukrainian experts asked: where are our special forces in Georgia a week since they left Kiev?

Украинские эксперты задались вопросом, куда делся отправленный из Киева в Грузию неделю назад спецназ

"Ukraine should remove its own soldiers, its own special forces from the conflict zone. I haven't heard anyone mention this," stated Vladimir Kornilov, director of the Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS Countries, on August 11th at a round table discussion of the topic "Caucasian Go: How might the war between Georgia and Russia affect Ukraine," reports an IA Regnum correspondent in Kiev.

"And we should consider whether or not it was an accident that Ukrainian special forces were sent there a week before the conflict. A rather strange occurrence. And the fact that Ukrainian citizens are in this conflict zone should be a cause of alarm to all citizens of Ukraine," said the political scientist.

In Kornilov's opinion, "Ukrainian citizens are in danger." "In fact, we know very well that if armed men are located in the epicenter of conflicts, they can voluntarily or involuntarily become participants in war activities. And it will amount to the direct participation of Ukraine in the armed conflict in the Caucasus," emphasized the expert.

IA Regnum

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