Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Georgia points out NATO's mistakes and requests arms from the alliance

Грузия указывает на ошибки НАТО и просит оружия у Альянса

Georgia's Ambassador to NATO Revaz Beshidze stated on August 12th that NATO "has made a greater mistake by not allowing Georgia to join the Membership Action Plan (MAP) of the alliance this year." As Reuters reports, after a meeting with 26 representatives from the countries of the alliance in Brussels, Beshidze stated that the organization had given Russia "a green light" to attack Georgia.

"This is our firm position, and it has only solidified after the Russian attacks. The big mistake was not allowing Georgia and Ukraine join MAP in Bucharest," he emphasized, declaring that the recent events in Georgia "were caused by this mistake." He also reported that he requested a delivery of arms from NATO, primarily new locating stations which had been destroyed by Russian aircraft. In response, the Secretary General of NATO stated that the alliance "had received a series of requests from Georgia for aid, which will be considered." The Georgian Ambassador also expressed regret that the positions of "many NATO countries are very far from the coordinated position of the other governments."

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