Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Russian army units stationed at entrance to Sachkhere region

რუსული არმიის ნაწილები საჩხერის რაიონის შესასვლელთან განლაგდნენ

Russian army units are stationed at the entrance to the Sachkhere region, but at least for now, are not hurrying to enter the region. Zurab Tsertsadze, administrator of Sachkhere, told "Interpressnews" of the situation.

"Approximately 20 military vehicles positioned themselves at the entrance to the Sachkhere region at around 17:30. They haven't tried to make contact with us and haven't made any sort of announcement. They are remaining in their positions and no one has gone near them," said Zurab Tsertsadze.

According to Tsertsadze, residents of Sachkhere are again participating in a protest.

Russian forces tried to enter Sachkhere today at 12:00. Policemen and residents jointly sought to begin protests; however, after the half-hour talks, the Russian soldiers pulled back.

Interpressnews [Georgian news agency]

Russian occupiers blew up reservist base in Osiauri

რუსმა ოკუპანტებმა ოსიაურის რეზერვისტთა ბაზა ააფეთქეს

Members of the Russian occupational army have blown up the Osiauri reservist base situated in the Khashuri region. "Interpressnews" was informed of the incident by Shota Utiashvili, chief analyst of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to Utiashvili, the base's infrastructure was completely destroyed, though luckily, technical equipment had been removed from the base a while ago.

Interpressnews [Georgian news agency]

Russian General Staff: Georgia preparing terrorist acts against peacekeepers and civilians

Генштаб: Грузия готовит теракты против миротворцев и мирных жителей

Georgia continues to increase its armed forces and is preparing harassing attacks against peacekeepers and civilians. The statement was made by Anatoliy Nogovitsyn, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, during a press conference in Moscow. The general also added that similar reports are "supported by concrete provocative actions by the Georgians."

As IA Regnum reported earlier, during a session of the anti-terrorism committee, head of the Federal Security Services of the Russian Federation Alexander Bortnikov reported that Russia is strengthening its state anti-terror defense organizations, in particular those situated in the southern part of the country, in connection with the recent reports of preparations by Georgian special forces to commit terrorist acts.

IA Regnum

Russian General Staff: Israel delivered various arms to Georgia

Генштаб РФ: Израиль поставлял Грузии различные виды оружия

Anatoliy Nogovitsyn, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, confirmed reports that Israel participated in equipping the Georgians. The statement was made in a briefing to journalists.

According to Nogovitsyn, Israel provided Georgia with 8 types of drones, around 100 mine-clearing devices, and 500 sets of camouflage nets.

IA Regnum

Nogovitsyn: US Ambassador agrees with Russian chronology of war in South Ossetia

Ноговицын: Посол США согласился с российской хронологией войны в Южной Осетии

During a press conference in Moscow, Anatoliy Nogovitsyn, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, told journalists that the US Ambassador to Russia has agreed with the chronology of events in South Ossetia, according to the Russians. According to Nogovitsyn, the decision to introduce the Russian army into South Ossetia was made after the first killing of a peacekeeper by the Georgians.

IA Regnum