Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Expert: US intervention in South Ossetian conflict would mark the beginning of World War III

Эксперт: Вступление США в конфликт вокруг Южной Осетии стало бы началом третьей мировой войны

US intervention in the conflict surrounding South Ossetia would turn into a nuclear standoff. The comment was made by political scientist Alexander Dugin, leader of the International Eurasian Movement, during a live broadcast on O2TV in response to a question about the possibility of US intervention.

"In reality, it would be the beginning of World War III, a nuclear standoff, over these countries--Georgia, Ossetia, and Abkhazia--which America has no need of. They are very minor, peripheral, energy resource-deprived, and, as a matter of fact, they weren't planning on fighting for the sake of this swamp, these backwoods. Moreover, they recognize Russia as a regional power and want to give it to us in the nose in order to demonstrate that we're dung, and not a regional power, but in doing so, they are officially recognizing us. And they wouldn't stop to enter into World War III just to show that we are a "regional power, but not a very strong one, a sovereign country, but not quite." So, all of it was a bluff. They could try to threaten us, but in reality they haven't done anything. This hasn't happened yet because they depend on us in Afghanistan, you see; if we were to block deliveries of arms and equipment through the corridor, which only we control, then the situation would blow up. So even if the Americans were crazy, and they are not crazy, they wouldn't begin World War III. That is why in this respect, we are only at war with Saakashvili and the technical means which were already there. And other matters we'll deal with as they appear..." said Dugin.

Alexander Dugin noted that "during the conflict, military equipment from the US was brought there through Turkey and Ukraine. It's been proven beyond doubt, and we have the proof." "It's all been recorded, documented," he added.

"America is a rational country, and it can't show that it is handing over Saakashvili, even though they have supported him and stood by his side during this crime, expecting that Russia won't respond... But the most important and basic thing to remember is that a third world war and America's participation in this conflict was excluded from the very beginning, and our strategists knew it," stated Dugin.

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"Saakashvili tricked us into this war" -- Captured Georgian soldiers

Саакашвили призвал нас на войну обманом: пленные грузинские солдаты

Captured Georgian soldiers are beginning to tell their story. As "Vesti" reports, they are being interrogated in Vladikavkaz. The investigative commission is also interrogating residents of Tskhinvali with the goal to collect evidence of the Georgian forces' activities in South Ossetia.

"I didn't want to go to war. I'm not a volunteer, I was called up," the channel cites one prisoner saying. Video clips have been posted on Russian websites in which Georgian reservist prisoners claim that they were being called up before martial law had been declared in Georgia, supposedly for training, but instead of ending up at the training grounds, they ended up in Tskhinvali--at war.

Earlier, South Ossetia released a statement that it had captured 190 Georgian servicemen.

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Georgian diaspora in Russia sharply condemns Georgia's military campaign in South Ossetia

Грузинская диаспора в России резко осуждила военные действия Грузии в Южной Осетии

An association of Georgians in Russia condemns the aggressive politics of president Mikhail Saakashvili, "who is under the thumb of American sponsors and began the campaign in South Ossetia." As Mikhail Khubutia, president of this public organization, said to an IA Regnum corresondent, "the Georgian diaspora in Russia unanimously condemns the actions of the Georgian leadership which gave orders to wipe the sleeping city of Tskhinvali off the face of the earth." Khubutia said that this opinion is shared by the overwhelming majority of ethnic Georgians living in Georgia. In total, they amount to almost one million persons. "I can't speak for everyone, but many share our position and condemn Saakashvili's actions," said the president of the Association of Georgians in Russia. Mikhail Khubutia said that for the past few days, he has been in contact with representatives of the Ossetian community in Moscow. He also said that the organization intended to give humanitarian aid to victims.

At the request of our IA Regnum correspondent, the head of the Association for Georgians in Russia was asked to comment on a statement made by Erosi Kitsmarishvili, the Georgian Ambassador to Russia, at a May 20th press conference in Moscow. Asked whether or not Georgia intended to begin military campaigns against Georgia and South Ossetia, the ambassador exclaimed: "I swear by my mother's honor that we aren't going to be at war!" "Yes, I am familiar with this statement from the Georgian Ambassador. I am confident that when he said this, Georgia truly didn't have any plans to forcefully seize South Ossetia and Abkhazia. And if they did have plans, then the ambassador wasn't let in on them. It seems to me that the decision to begin a military campaign against South Ossetia was made a month ago, when US Secretary of State Rice visited Georgia."

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President of France delivers ultimatum to Saakashvili--threatened with resignation?

Президент Франции предъявил Саакашвили ультиматум, пригрозив отставкой?

Today, in an address to the nation, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili stated that at negotiations of the French peace plan, supported by Russia, for the Georgian crisis, which was brought to him by the president of France, he categorically rejected all 6 points regarding the status of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Saakashvili said: "I did not accept this document, even though I was given an ultimatum stating that if I wished to remain in my post, I would have to sign this document. I will, to the very end, to the last drop of blood, support the territorial integrity [of Georgia] and will never consider such a possibility."

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Peacekeepers bring down two Georgian drones in 24-hour period

Миротворцы сбили два грузинских беспилотника за сутки

Russian peacekeepers brought down a Georgian reconnaissance drone over Tskhinvali on August 13 -- the second in a 24-hour period, reported an official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense. "Despite assurances from the Georgian side that there was a cessation to all military activities, on Wednesday, a Georgian drone conducting surveillance was discovered over Tskhinvali. Russian peacekeepers discovered the reconnaissance plane and brought it down." Earlier, Igor Konashenkov, assistant commander of the Russian Ground Forces, reported to RTR that a Georgian drone was brought down last night at around 23:25. "This apparatus tried to conduct air surveillance to determine the location of peacekeeping divisions and to determine the strength of these divisions," said Konashenkov.

He promised that "in the case of another Georgian drone being spotted, it will be brought down."

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Tbilisi: Russian army has left Zugdidi

Тбилиси: Российские войска покинули Зугдиди

The Russian army left Zugdidi on August 13th, stated Batu Kutelia, Deputy Minister of Defense, to journalists.

"All of our armed forces are in their places of permanent deployment, as stipulated in the agreement signed by Georgia, we are fulfilling all obligations taken by the state," he said. "Russia should fulfill its obligations and leave the territory of Georgia," noted the deputy minister. He emphasized that at this point, there is contact between Georgia and Russia at the political level."

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Ukrainian nationalists assert that Russia will attack Crimea in October

Украинские националисты утверждают, что Россия нападет на Крым уже в октябре

"An independent Ukraine -- an idea that the current political elite of the Kremlin can't accept." The statement was made today, August 13th, by Nikolai Karpyuk, head of the Ukrainian National Assembly, reports an IA Regnum correspondent in Kiev.

"We are pleased that the international community has reacted so quickly to the Russian aggression against Georgia. We are also pleased by the position of our president. It was precise, concrete, and strong-willed," he noted. Karpyuk emphasized: "Everyone very well understands that George was first. And next will be Crimea. The information, which comes from official Russian bodies and the news media, says that Crimea is next."

"The Russians claim that in October of this year, events similar to what took place in Ossetia will take place in Crimea. This information is already fact. People are preparing for the attack," asserts the head of the UNA. "We're pleased that today the government is working to increase forces in Crimea. Just Ukrainians, patriots, are going there. We also have our own installations in Crimea. Since last Friday, we have been receiving calls from all corners of Ukraine. Approximately 10,000 of our compatriots are ready to go to war with Russia," emphasized Karpyuk. He noted that in order to stabilize the situation in Crimea, "it is necessary to move all of our Hutsuls there."

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Around 190 Georgian troops in South Ossetia

Около 190 грузинских военнопленных находятся в Южной Осетии

On Tuesday, August 12th during a live broadcast of the program "Conversation without rules" on O2TV, Dmitry Medoev, plenipotentiary representative of the president of South Ossetia to Russia, stated that during the course of the peacekeeping operations, around 190 Georgian troops were captured. "We have Georgian prisoners of war, approximately 190 men. These are officers, privates, sergeants, and colonels, but the fate of these captured fighters is not yet known. We don't need them," conveyed Medoev.

He also explained that South Ossetian authorities were prepared to transfer the prisoners of war to the Georgians at the first demand: "We adhere to all norms of international law and are ready to transfer them to the Georgians at the first demand. However, unfortunately, there haven't been any demands, or even requests, from the Georgian side."

Medoev emphasized that in light of the recent events, the recognition of South Ossetia's independence is the only acceptable resolution to the conflict: "After we've seen what the Georgian soldiers and Saakashvili's regime have done in South Ossetia, we are even more confident that only the independence of the Republic of South Ossetia will grant us full security guarantees. This isn't the first time we've spoken about this, but, probably, it took bloodshed to draw the attention of the international community. Saakashvili spilled this blood in South Ossetia, we have only one motto: 'not one step back.'"

Therefore, the plenipotentiary representative of the unrecognized republic rejects the possibility of constructive dialogue with the current Georgian leadership: "Today, after what has happened, we can't consider the Georgians as a partner because Georgian peacekeeping forces shelled the city of Tskhinvali and killed our wives and children. Therefore, they are criminals to us. We have been aspiring towards independence and we will aspire to it. 'Freedom or Death'--for us, these aren't just words!"

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