Thursday, November 25, 2010

Public Gathering Declares Constitutional Changes "Untrustworthy"

სახალხო კრებამ საკონსტიტუციო ცვლილებებს უნდობლობა გამოუცხადა

Gathered before the Parliament building, the Public Gathering declared the October 2010 constitutional changes "untrustworthy."

The motion, which actor Gogi Kavtaradze announced before the crowd, was passed by the delegates unanimously. According to Gogi Kavtaradze, the people have rejected the October 2010 constitutional changes.

In his words, these changes do not reflect the interests of the people and that these changes were adopted without the participation of the people.

Leaders of the "National Forum" and the "Conservatives" Already Before Parliament

"ეროვნული ფორუმისა" და "კონსერვატორების" ლიდერები უკვე პარლამენტის წინ არიან

Opposition party leaders have already begun to gather before the Parliament building. Participants in the Public Gathering [also translated "Public Assembly"] have been joined by Zviad Dzidziguri, leader of the Conservative Party, and members of his party, and have also been joined by leaders of the "National Forum" and other political activists. The party which initiated the gathering expects other parties to join.

Everything is ready for the official start of the Public Gathering in front of Parliament. The flow of people is increasing little by little. Territory stretching from the Student-Youth Palace to the First Public School is overflowing with people.

Meanwhile, the registration of delegates continues and already several thousand delegates have been registered.

Rustaveli Avenue Shut Down

რუსთაველის გამზირი გადაიკეტა

Rustaveli Avenue has been shut down. The enormous influx of people from West Georgia has shut down the main avenue in Tbilisi. In the last few minutes, representatives from Khelvachauria, Khulo, Shuakhevi, Kedi, and all three of Guria's regions have joined the People's Gathering (or "Public Assembly") on Rustaveli Avenue and in doing so, have shut down traffic on Rustaveli.

According to the People's Gathering's initiator, Irakli Batiashvili, they are readying themselves for a drawn-out political battle and that they do not intend to retreat.

"What this public gathering will lead to depends on the people," noted Batiashvili.

The official start time for the demonstration is at 15:00 in front of the Parliament building.

Territory stretching from the Student-Youth Palace to the First Public School is packed with protesters.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beginning November 9, Only Those Carrying "Form 9" Will be Allowed Entrance into Akhalgori

8 ნოემბრიდან ახალგორის ოკუპირებულ რაიონში შესვლა მხოლოდ ე.წ “ფორმა ცხრით” იქნება შესაძლებელი

Beginning November 9, only those carrying "Form 9" will be allowed to enter the occupied region of Akhalgori. The document is written in Russian and indicates the personal identification number issued to citizens of the Tskhinvali region [i.e., South Ossetia--RE].

The document will be used until the end of they year. Beginning January, 2011, so-called Ossetian passports will be issued.

The separatists require that in exchange for receiving "Form 9," recipients will be required to renounce their Georgian citizenship and surrender their Georgian identity cards.

No one will be allowed into the region without proper documentation. Meanwhile, the separatists are planning to change the name of Akhalgori to Leningori.