Sunday, August 31, 2008

Medvedev: Russia doesn't want confrontations with any party

Медведев: Россия не хочет конфронтации ни с одной страной

President Dmitry Medvedev recently gave an interview to several Russian television companies. The head of state announced the five principles of Russian foreign policy and once again commented on his decision to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The first principle, President Medvedev believes, maintains that Russia recognizes the superiority of the basic principles of international laws which define the relations between civilized peoples. "And in the framework of this position, in the framework of this concept of international laws, we will develop our relations with other states," noted the president of the Russian Federation.

"The second is that peace should be multipolar. Unipolarity is unacceptable; domination is inadmissible," emphasized Dmitry Medvedev, "We cannot accept such peace-building in which all the decisions are made by one party, even if that party is a serious and authoritative one, like the United States of America. Such peace is unstable and threatens conflict. The third is that Russia does not want conflict with any country. Russsia does not intend to become isolated. We will develop our friendly relations with Europe, the United States of America, and other countries of the world as much as possible."

"The fourth is the unconditional priority for us to defend the lives and dignity of our citizens, wherever they may be. Our foreign policy shall proceed from this priority. We shall also defend the interests of our business communities abroad," said Dmitry Medvedev, "And it should be clear to everyone that if someone makes aggresive sorties, he will get a response. Finally, the fifth: Russia, like any other country, has regions in which there are their exclusive interests. In these regions are situated countries with which we were traditionally connected by friendship, good-hearted relations, and especially historical relations. We will work very attentively in these regions to develop such friendly relations with these states, with our next-door neighbors. These are the five principles of our foreign policy. The future depends not only on us, but also on our friends, on our partners in the international community. They have a choice."

Putin: On South Ossetia, truth is on our side

Путин: правда в ситуации вокруг Южной Осетии на нашей стороне

The truth of the situation in South Ossetia is on Russia's side, and Russia is acting within the framework of moral and international laws, stated Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Regarding the tense international situation that has resulted from this problem, he recognized that there was "a lot of emotion." However, "we have not yet seen any practical steps being made which might speak or testify to a cooling of the situation." "I hope that this won't be the case, but in any case, the truth is on our side," stated the Prime Minister.

"We are behaving absolutely morally and within the framework of existing international laws," he continued, "Therefore, if someone from Europe wants to man the guns of someone else's foreign policy interests, please, we can't insist enough." "But I think that, as they say in these situations, charity begins at home, and I think even this rough principle will guide us, and above all, our European partners," emphasized Putin.