Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two border guards killed in Gali district of Abkhazia

В Гальском районе Абхазии убиты два пограничника

Two border guards--Chkadua and Khutaba--were killed in the lower part of the Gali district; two others--Bebiya and Kasumyan--were wounded. As the Federal Security Service (FSS) of Abkhazia told reporters, the incident took place at around 13:00 near the Pechora outpost.

The border guards' vehicle was blown up by a radio-controlled land mine while they were patrolling the district. The wounded have been sent to a military hospital in Agudzera. Accordng to physicians, their lives are not in danger. The FSS of Abkhazia considers the incident as an act of terrorism.

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South Ossetian government dissolved

Правительство Южной Осетии отправлено в отставку

South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity has dissolved the government of South Ossetia. The story was broken by news channel "Vesti." The president stated that he had signed a number of decrees, including a declaration of a state of emergency.

Last night, Kokoity criticized the South Ossetian ministers, blaming them for negligence. He harshly criticized the government for delaying the delivery of humanitarian aid and for inefficiency. According to Kokoity, the current paralyzed state of the government and its inability to provide any services has forced him to "take very drastic measures." The government should work in unison with those forces which are operating in the republic, emphasized Kokoity, expressing his confidence that the new government would work effectively. "I want to create a government without intrigues; an official should work for the people, and not for his personal interests," concluded the head of South Ossetia.

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Virtually all villages in Tskhinvali region of South Ossetia destroyed

Практически все села Цхинвальского района Южной Осетии разрушены

As a result of the fighting in the villages of the Tskhinvali region of South Ossetia, more than 100 people were killed, according to preliminary findings, and the counting has not ended. The statement was made by Inal Pukhaev, head of the administration of the Tskhinvali region.

According Pukhaev, all the victims were civilians. He stated that virtually all villages in the Tskhinvali region had been destroyed. The villages of Pris, Dmenis, Khetagurovo, and Satikar, where more than 300 homes were damaged or destroyed, suffered the greatest damage; the village of Sarabuki was nearly completely destroyed.

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Russian Ministry of Defense: Georgians preparing to create provocations in Gori with help of Ukrainian nationalists and Chechen terrorists

Грузинская сторона готовит провокации в Гори с помощью украинских националистов и чеченских террористов: Минобороны РФ

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Georgia is preparing to create large-scale provocations in the city of Gori. A representative of the defense ministry is saying that according to intelligence given by Russian peacekeepers, which was gathered from radio intercepts, Ukrainian Nationalists from the UNA-UNSD and Chechen terrorists, currently in Georgia, are gathering on the outskirts of Gori.

According to the representative, they are planning to don Russian uniforms and set Gori on fire, where these bandits will be busy pillaging and taunting the local residents, and television cameras will be there to record it all, and then it will be broadcast to the world as "atrocities of the Russian forces." The headquarters of the Russian peacekeeping forces have already notified authorities of the city of the provocations. The Ministry of Defense made it clear that Russian peacekeepers are in their positions, and that none of them have entered the city.

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