Thursday, November 25, 2010

Leaders of the "National Forum" and the "Conservatives" Already Before Parliament

"ეროვნული ფორუმისა" და "კონსერვატორების" ლიდერები უკვე პარლამენტის წინ არიან

Opposition party leaders have already begun to gather before the Parliament building. Participants in the Public Gathering [also translated "Public Assembly"] have been joined by Zviad Dzidziguri, leader of the Conservative Party, and members of his party, and have also been joined by leaders of the "National Forum" and other political activists. The party which initiated the gathering expects other parties to join.

Everything is ready for the official start of the Public Gathering in front of Parliament. The flow of people is increasing little by little. Territory stretching from the Student-Youth Palace to the First Public School is overflowing with people.

Meanwhile, the registration of delegates continues and already several thousand delegates have been registered.

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