Sunday, August 10, 2008

Calm in Tskhinvali: People briefly emerge from cellars

В Цхинвале затишье: люди ненадолго вышли из подвалов

At around 08:00 on August 10 in Tskhinvali there is calm, reports an IA Regnum correspondent. Some of those who have been sitting in cellars emerged onto the streets. A clean-up operation is under way in the city. A team of Georgian snipers have taken up positions in a building of the factory "Emalprovod." As far as can be visually determined, there are many bodies of Georgian soldiers, Ossetian, fewer. Fighting continues in the southern suburbs. Russian tanks patrol the city.

Early reports indicate that Georgian resistance in the villages of Tamarashen and Kexkhvi has been supressed.

During the course of the night, artillery fire continued from both sides. Georgian forces fired on Tskhinvali from neighboring heights.

There are around 5 thousand civilians left in the city. Georgia hasn't created a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of civilians.

Last night, a sabotage team, numbering 30 persons, penetrated the village of Tbet, through which people have been getting out of Tskhinvali. Now a car, shot by them, sits on the road filled with massacred people. A family has been found shot in a home in Tbet, children are among the dead.

A third session of the UN Security Council has ended again without result. Russia's ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin was adamant that the word "genocide" be used in the document.

IA Regnum

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