Sunday, August 10, 2008

Голос Души: Tskhinvali, 21:00

Here's the latest post from a soldier/citizen of Tskhinvali. Warning, some of the descriptions are graphic:

"There's artillery fire now! The Georgians have begun to fire on the city with "Grad" rockets and mortars. The Georgians wanted to carry out an air strike today, but so far only the artillery personnel are at it.

People are being sent to Vladikavkaz in trucks. The awful crying and screaming of women is nonstop. During the day, a Georgian mortar struck a car burning the 4-person family within alive, two children and their parents. In the past 2 days I've already personally witnessed the destruction of 3 families.

In the village of Tsunar, a tank ran over a mother and continued to roll back and forth across their lifeless bodies [sic].

We eat what's at hand, we raid stores, army rations, canned foods in cellars."

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