Sunday, August 10, 2008

Several hundred military advisers from NATO countries at work in Georgia

В Грузии работают несколько сотен военных советников из стран НАТО

There are currently several hundred military advisers from NATO countries in the territory of Georgia, the greatest number being from the US and Great Britain, reports the BBC. The weekly journal The Sunday Times also reports that the Pentagon "is supporting up to 200" of its military experts in Georgia and that these have been engaged in training the Georgian army.

According to information from the British weekly journal The Sunday Telegraph, the US has formed, trained, and armed Georgian divisions over the last several years. The Georgian army is made up of 12,000 men, all of whom have been trained in accordance with "NATO standards." A part of the army has served in Iraq and has combat zone experience.

As "Vesti" reported earlier, Russia's ambassador to the UN Viktor Churkin stated at a session of the UN Security Council that 127 military advisers from the US Department of Defense are working in the Georgian Ministry of Defense.

South Ossetian authorities confirm that mercenaries took part in the Georgian attack on the republic, stating that bodies of black soldiers have been found among the dead in Tskhinvali. Ossetian authorities suspect that they are instructors. And it is not only with specialists that foreign countries have helped Tbilisi, they say--almost all of the weapons of the Georgian army were purchased from abroad.

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