Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rockets and artillery fire continue to fall from Georgian divisons in the Kodori Gorge [Abkhazia]

Ракетно-бомбовый и артиллерийский обстрел грузинских подразделений в Кодорском ущелье продолжается

On August 10th, divisions of the Abkhazian army entered the Gali district of the republic, which is monitored by the joint peacekeeping forces, and have taken up positions along the border river Ingur, reports Christian Bzhaniya, head of the press office of the President of Abkhazia, to an IA Regnum correspondent. "Currently, we are taking countermeasures against provocations by the Georgian side and enforcing law and order in the border zone. The Abkhazian army does not plan on crossing into Georgian territory at this stage of the operation. Even though Georgia's statement about beginning to force its way to the river Ingur constitutes a provocation," he emphasized. Bzhania has called the provocations the beginning of a large-scale information war with Tbilisi, referring to a statement made by the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs saying that Abkhazia plans to pillage the Zugdidi region of Georgia and for this reason has created a special corridor.

"Similar provocative statements by the Georgian leadership and news media aggravated the conflict in 1992. Similar statements have once again become the ideology in the recent aggressions against South Ossetia," he emphasized. "We understand that now Tbilisi is undertaking efforts to spread disinformation, but at any moment this could lead to quite real consequences," says Bzhaniya.

Regarding the situation in the upper part of the Kodori Gorge, Bzhaniya reports that the rocket and artillery fire continues to come from Georgians who have taken up positions there in violation of all international agreements. He also reports that a fleet of war ships from the Russian Navy continue to protect Abkhazia's coastline. "Today we are also strengthing the numbers of our peacekeeping forces. They have been brought to the Sokhumi airport by military transport planes... These steps have been taken to prevent a similar situation to what has happened to Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia, from happening here," emphasized Bzhaniya.

IA Regnum

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