Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beginning November 9, Only Those Carrying "Form 9" Will be Allowed Entrance into Akhalgori

8 ნოემბრიდან ახალგორის ოკუპირებულ რაიონში შესვლა მხოლოდ ე.წ “ფორმა ცხრით” იქნება შესაძლებელი


Beginning November 9, only those carrying "Form 9" will be allowed to enter the occupied region of Akhalgori. The document is written in Russian and indicates the personal identification number issued to citizens of the Tskhinvali region [i.e., South Ossetia--RE].

The document will be used until the end of they year. Beginning January, 2011, so-called Ossetian passports will be issued.

The separatists require that in exchange for receiving "Form 9," recipients will be required to renounce their Georgian citizenship and surrender their Georgian identity cards.

No one will be allowed into the region without proper documentation. Meanwhile, the separatists are planning to change the name of Akhalgori to Leningori.

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